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Karina A. Sanchez, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Diversity and Innovation Scholar 

University of New Hampshire 

Department of Natural Resources and the Environment



166 James Hall | 56 College Rd | Durham, NH 03824


Research: I am a broadly trained biologist with an emphasis in behavioral ecology, urban ecology, ornithology, and biological education research; 3 papers in press, 3 under review, and 2 in preparation for submission; 3 invited presentations, 4 poster presentations and 11 oral presentations at national and international conferences. Have obtained ~ $100,000 in research and dissertation associated funding combined. 

Teaching: Instructor of record for 2 semesters (Organismal Biology, Environmental Biology) at 2 universities; co-taught for 1 semester; teaching assistant for 14 lab sections (2 different courses), and 5 lecture sections (2 different courses). Experience in curriculum development, pedagogy training from 4 program courses and 3 workshops. Funding support to transform a high-enrollment course into an accessible Open Educational Resource. 

Mentoring: As a doctoral student, I mentored 12 undergraduate students including 5 independent study research projects. Currently, I am mentoring 1 PhD student at the University of New Hampshire. 

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